Get ready, it’s back for 2021!

Race Date:  Saturday 9th October, 2021! 

The Peak 2 Powderkeg is an iconic four stage adventure race from the top of Turoa Ski Area to the Powderkeg bar at the foot of Mt Ruapehu. Now in its 30th year, it’s a race steeped in history, fun and competition. Participants can enter as individuals or in teams of three to complete the stages:

  • Ski from top to bottom of the ski area
  • 4.8km downhill run on the sealed Ohakune Mountain Road
  • 11.5km downhill bike on sealed road, followed by short 300m dash run and beer/lemonade scull.

The event is followed by a BBQ and prize giving at the Powderkeg.


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Saturday 9th October, 2021

(Poor Weather Contingency: Sunday 10th October, 2021)



  • Youth (Under 18):  $99
  • Open Men (18 years +): $129
  • Open Women (18 years +): $129
  • Team – must include at least one woman: $199

Payment to be made the day of the event at Turoa  Ski area Guest Relations. Limited registrations on the mountain – please pre-register.

Fees include a BBQ hosted at Powderhorn Chateau after the race. All entrants must have one support person per individual/team entry. Supporters’ barbecue tickets can be bought for $42 during event registration/bib collection on the day.  Extra adults are $42 and youth are $23 for the BBQ/Prizegiving. Even if you’re not taking part in the race, join us for a fun evening!


There is a compulsory bike and helmet inspection this year.
Take your bike to TCB Friday (open until 10pm) evening, Saturday or Sunday morning 7.30-9.00am (for those who have registered online).
All TCB forms must be completed and signed.  Bike and helmets must be stickered by TCB.
No inspection – no entry
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM is the bib pickup and payment from Schools and Groups Hut in the Turoa Plaza
Bike drop off at 11.5km from 2pm


From 07:30am    Updates available on Turoa Snow Report
10am-12pm    Registration/bib pick up outside Schools & Groups Hut in the PlazaLimited registrations on mountain 
14:00    Bike drop off at 11.5Km Chain fitting/Parking bays
15:30    Racer briefing in front of trail sign trail sign in the Plaza
16:30   All Competitors need to catch the lifts up
17:15    Open Men start
17:20    Open Women start
17:25    Youth start
17:30    Teams start

All competitors must meet the time frames above in order to compete. Racer briefing is compulsory.


Registrations Soon!!!

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Snow Stage

The ski/snowboard course runs from the top of the highest point possible on the day (weather dependent) to the Turoa Plaza, adjacent to the Alpine Café. Entrants start in groups (5 minutes apart) in a Le Mans style.

The course with be starting with a sprint to your gear along the traverse to Big Bowl, past the Giant Cafe, down upper freeway, Boneyard, Wintergarden and Clarry’s Track. Entrants must ski/board between the gates on the set course or a 3 minute time penalty per missed gate will be added to their final time. The course is subject to change on the day.

Team Athletes must be observed to “tag on” before the second athlete can commence the Run Course.

Individual Athletes have a designated area to change into running gear. We recommend having a plastic box with running shoes and leaving your snow gear. Each individual competitor must have a Course Assistant to retrieve snow stage clothing and equipment once the final athlete has cleared the area.

Skiers and Riders need to be of an advanced riding ability able to confidently and safely manage up to a Black run without assistance.  Negotiating through gates on a SuperG / Dowhill style race course.

Run Stage: 4.8km

Starting at Turoa Plaza, the run stage follows the Ohakune Mountain Road down to the 11.5km bay. The course has a steep gradient as it leaves Turoa’s main carpark and mellows out towards the transition zone. Marshals will guide athletes to the correct bike racks.

We recommend individual athletes have their bike helmet attached to their bike ready to put on.

Bike/Scull Stage: 11.5km

Athletes follow the Ohakune Mountain Road to Thames Street, Ohakune. The gradient allows free-wheeling almost all the way to the Big Dipper at the 4.7km mark. There are a couple of very steep sections that require all athletes to slow down, in particular Rimu Hill, at the 7.4km mark.

As athletes pass under the railway bridge, they need to slow down before rounding the left hand corner to Thames Street, dismounting at the dismount line and running into a final transition zone where they will place their bike in the designated area before exiting back out to Thames Street.

Athletes then sprint the length of Thames Street to the turn around point, back down and into The Powderkeg car park where the final challenge begins. Athletes must scull the beverage (beer or lemonade) and tap the empty vessel onto the table before a finishing time can be recorded.