The Challenge

 “quadrathlete: n. a person who doesn’t understand three sports is enough


This event is open to everyone, skiers, snowboarders, amateurs and weekend warriors alike – anyone who craves the adrenaline rush from doing something just a teeny bit different…and let’s face it, this is the ONLY 4 stage triathlon in New Zealand!!

Past events have attracted professional athletes and multisporters, in addition to the traditional field of skiers and snowboarders. The Open Male title has passed between 2 champions over the last 5 years.

In 2012, Hayley Anderson, part of New Zealand Tri Team and professional triathlete, took out the Women’s Open Category. In the same year Tom Lynch-Watson, amateur half-marathoner and event regular, placed second in the Mens’ Open Category, with Sam Lee, Professional Big Mountain Skier, placing third. Bobby Dean, Rotorua Half Ironman winner and ranked 24th Male in Ironman New Zealand 2015, is a regular to the event.

It is a great personal challenge & a fantastic achievement. Participation is everything and that is precisely why the majority of prizes are spot!


The ski or snowboard stage will start at the top of the highest lift (weather permitting the High Noon Express) and will take competitors through a series of gates as they head to Turoa Plaza, adjacent to the Alpine Café*. The exact course will be the safest route on the day taking into consideration hidden rocks and snow coverage.

Athletes will need to be of intermediate level skiing or snowboarding to complete this first stage.

The entire race will start in separate waves, 5 minutes apart and will be Le Mans style run to break up each wave. Ski Patrol will be at the start to provide support for this stage to mitigate risk. Any incidents in this leg will be responded to by patrol as per normal ski area operating procedures.

*Contingency plans are put in place to change the snow to run transition if required.


At the transition zone, competitors will either tag out their team mate, or switch into running shoes for the 3.8km run down the Ohakune Mountain Road. A pilot vehicle will lead competitors as the road twist and turns on the descent to the second transition zone. Team and Individual bikes will be racked separately to make the change onto the 3rd stage easier.


The cycle stage begins at the 12.5 km mark and continues all the way into Thames Street at the bottom of the mountain road.

The pilot vehicle will remain at the front of the race for this leg, and cones will mark any hazards including potholes, gravel, steep zones, sharp corners and any other reason for competitors to slow down.

Competitors will need to dismount at the marked line before racking their bikes on the green. The comes the Thames Street Dash – tackling their jelly legs, competitors will race to the end of Thames Street before turning around and sprinting for the Powderkeg Car Park.


Entering under the entrance canopy, competitors then skull a *beverage before slamming the vessel on the timing table. Only then will the clock stop and times be recorded – sipping will forfeit places (as Chris Owen knows only too well, losing 4 places in 2014). *Non alcoholic for Youth competitors & for those wanting to opt out of beer!