Would you like to Volunteer?

The Peak to Powderkeg is a non profit event. There are multiple volunteer positions which are available and your help will will ensure The Peak to Powderkeg 2017 is the best event yet.

Course Marshals
Course Marshals play a vital role in assisting competitors along the route, directing them, assisting with transition, or aiding security, ensuring the right bike is collected by the correct competitor.
Course Marshals are required for approximately 2 hours.

Registration Personnel
Registration Personnel will assist with “Race Day” registrations and competitor sign in. Registration Personnel must be computer savvy and be able to relay clear accurate information. Registration Personnel will be required for approximately 2-4 hours.

Cup Passers
Cup passers will hand competitors the beverages for the Skull Stage as the competitors enter the Powderkeg Carpark. Cup Passers will be required for approximately 45 minutes.

Crowd Control
Crowd control is required in order to ensure competitors have the space they require in order to complete the race. Crowd control must be polite, be able to relay clear instructions and be attentive.

If any of these positions sound like you then please get in touch. All volunteers will receive a Peak to Powderkeg Volunteers Certificate in appreciation of your input.

Register your interest here.

If you have a specific skill you believe would benefit The Peak to Powderkeg cause, email the Peak to Powderkeg Events Team here.