Check In

All Athletes

Check-In for all athletes participating in Peak to Powderkeg will take place:

  • Friday 13 October between 6pm and 8pm at the Powderkeg, Ohakune
  • Saturday 14 October between 10am and 12pm at the Alpine Café, Turoa Ski Area.

It is compulsory for all athletes to Check-In during these times. Please bring your Snow and Bike stage helmets for gear check at this time.

No athlete will be accepted after 12pm Saturday 14 October.

Failure to do so will result in the competitor(s) registration being pulled from the event.

No refund will be granted.

Please DO NOT take your bike into the Check-In queue as this congests the area and makes it dangerous for other athletes.

It is against race rules for someone to race under your name or for you to race under someone else’s name.

During Check-In, athletes will receive the following:

  • Athlete and BBQ wristband (to be worn from when you during race and shown at the BBQ)
  • Race bib (compulsory on all stages)
  • Souvenir Skull Handle for the Team Snow and Run athletes – all other athletes collect theirs at the skull stage


Teams only require one member to Check-In on the team’s behalf; and must pass on the team kit to the other team members before race start. It is also important that all team information is amended and up-to-date at completion of Check-In.

Please note, whilst changes to team members are allowed, there must be at least one existing team member from the time of online registration.