Toilet facilities are available at both venues; Turoa Ski Area and The Powderkeg for athletes, support crew and officials.

There are no portable toilets on course.


  • Assistants cannot follow their athletes or offer assistance on any stage of the event.
  • Assistants are not allowed to enter any part of the stages except at transitions.
  • Athletes’ assistants must be on hand at the Snow to Run Transition to take charge of the Athlete‘s Snow equipment.
  • With large numbers of Athletes competing in the Bollé Peak to Powderkeg & limited size of the transitions it is critical that assistants remove the equipment immediately from the transition areas.
  • Assistants are advised to study the transition area diagrams and prepare their Athlete’s Equipment and clothing in advance of their arrival.
  • Assistants ensure your Athlete does not over train – especially for the Skull Stage!
  • Assistants are an integral part of your team and should be briefed by the athlete for their role. It is suggested that individual athletes have at least one assistant
  • Make sure meal tickets for Assistants are ordered before 5th October.

Race Numbers

  • Three Race Numbers will be provided per team, one Race Number will be provided per individual Athlete.
  • Numbers must not be altered in any way & must be worn throughout the event and in the finish area. The Numbers must be fixed to the front of each Athlete and visible at all times.


  • No responsibility is taken by the Event or sponsors for any loss or damaged property of Athletes, assistants, or friends during the Bollé Peak to Powderkeg.


  • Marshals are an important part of the Event safety system. Instructions by Marshals to Athletes and assistants must be followed. Failure to do so may result in time penalties or disqualification.