Snow Stage: 3.2km

The ski/snowboard course runs from the top of the High Noon Express (weather dependent) to the Turoa Plaza, adjacent to the Alpine Café. Entrants start in groups (5 minutes apart) in a Le Mans style.

The course runs west to Big Bowl linking through to Upper Freeway, Boneyard and Clarry’s Track. Entrants must ski/board between the gates on the set course or a 3 minute time penalty will be added to their final time.

Team Athletes must be observed to “tag on” before the second athlete can commence the Run Course.

Individual Athletes have a designated area to change into running gear. We recommend having a plastic box with running shoes and leaving your snow gear. Each individual competitor must have a Course Assistant to retrieve snow stage clothing and equipment once the final athlete has cleared the area.

Peak to Keg snow stage 2017
Snow stage course 2017