Run Stage

Run Stage: 3.8km

The Run Course will start from the marked Transition Zone, and folllow the Ohakune Mountain Road down to the 12.5km bay. The course has a steep gradient as it leaves Turoa’s main Car Park, before twisting and turning towards the “Hairpin” at the 2.8km mark.

The gradient mellows out as Athletes reach the Transition Zone at the 12.5km bay. Marshals will guide Individual and Team Athletes to the correct bike racks.

For first timers to the event, we recommend having your bike helmet attached to your bike ready to put on. Please note your bike helmet cannot be the same helmet used for the snow stage as it needs to comply with NZ Bike standards. It’s also advisable, but not compulsory, to wear eye protection and bike gloves.

Run to Bike Transition Area

Run to Bike Transition Area