Run/Skull Stage

Your Souvenir Handle for 2016!

Mmmm….tasty beer or lemonade (for U18)

Run and Skull Stage: 300m

From Transition, Athletes then sprint the length of Thames Street to the turn around point, back down on the opposite side, and into The Powderkeg car park, entering under the entrance canopy.

Marshals will guide Open Individual and Team Athletes to the beer table, and Youth Athletes to the non-alcoholic table. The Athletes must “skull” the beverage and tap the empty vessel onto the table before a finishing time can be recorded.

Please don’t slam your handle down – it’s glass!

It’s also your unique event memorabilia to keep, so don’t leave it on the table.

For first timers to the event, this is the fun and unique part of the event. Your legs will not want to run down Thames Street and it will seem far longer than 300m. – but your taste buds will be racing for the thirst quenching beer or lemonade (U18) waiting for you.

Lemonade (U18) Skulls will be on the Left Hand Side as you enter into The Powderkeg car park, Beer Skulls on the Right Hand Side. Remember, the race isn’t over until you’ve finished your skull and presented your empty handle on the finish table.


Run to Skull Area

Run to Skull Area