Snow Stage

Preferred Snow Stage Start

Preferred Snow Stage Start

Snow Stage: 3.2km

The Ski or Snowboard Course will start at the top of the High Noon Express (weather dependent) and will proceed to the Transition Area in the Plaza, adjacent to the Alpine Café.

You’ll start in waves (5 minutes apart) in a Le Mans style fashion:

  1. Open Male Individuals start the proceedings
  2. Followed by Male Masters, Veterans and Legends
  3. Open Female Individuals
  4. Youths (Individual and Team)
  5. And finally the Teams.

A Le Mans-style start — used for many years in auto racing — requires skiers / snowboarders to run across the track when the starter signals you to go to the other side where your skis/snowboard is laid out, clip in, and speed off to begin the race. The start gets its name from the 24-hour hour endurance race “24 Heures du Mans,” held in the town of Le Mans, France since 1923.

For 2016, following previous athlete comments, we’re going to try something different for the start, and separate the snowboarders from the skiers (as per diagram above). You’ll start in the same wave, but hopefully by splitting the field, it’ll make things safer and fairer. We’re also splitting up the Men’s field to allow more to race in a safer sized group.

There will be a bit of running involved to start this stage in order to break up the field a little. Neither skier nor snowboarder is disadvantaged; it’s easier to run in snowboard boots, yet a little longer to get into your bindings  -the opposite is true for skiers.

The course will proceed west to “Big Bowl” where athletes will navigate six Super Giant Slalom gates enroute to “Why Not”. There, the natural ampitheatre guides the course downhill towards “Boneyard”. Another fast downhill section wihout gates, before athletes funnel onto the narrow “Clarry’s Track”. As Athletes approach the snowline, marshals will guide them towards the marked Transition Zone.

Entrants must ski/board between the gates on the set course or a 3 minute time penalty will be added to their final time.

Team Athletes will have a separate Transition Zone and must be observed to “tag on” before the second athlete can commence the Run Course.

All team members must be observed to ‘tag out’ their team mate in the transition zone before commencing the next stage.

For Individual Athletes, there will be a designated area for you to change our of your ski/board gear and into your running gear. Your Course Assistant will need to retrieve your snow stage clothing and equipment once the final athlete has cleared the area.

For first timers to the event, we recommend having a plastic box with your running shoes ready and waiting for you. You’ll need to ditch your helmet, equipment and potentially your ski jacket for the run stage.


Snow to Run Transition Area