Spectator Information & Parking

The best place to see all the action is up close, either at the Snow to Run Transition, or during the final Bike to Skull Section along Thames Street.

Specator Do’s & Don’ts

  • Riding, driving or running beside an athlete on any part of the course is considered outside assistance and can lead to disqualification of that athlete
  • Using permanent paint, chalk or crayon for graffiti on any road is banned. Where graffiti is linked to an athlete, that athlete may be disqualified.
  • Ensure your athlete has read and knows the rules pertaining to this race, and has thoroughly read this guide
  • Ensure your athlete keeps his/her Athlete Bib secured to clothing

Parking at the Finish Area

  • Lower Thames Street (by the Railway Station, Crater Bar)
  • Mangawhero Terrace
  • Tyne Street
  • Rimu Street
  • Please note there will be NO PARKING along Upper Thames Street between 1pm and 7pm.
Suggested Parking Close to the Finish Area

Suggested Parking Close to the Finish Area