Withdrawals & Transfers

Entry fees are non-refundable after 5:00pm September 8, 2017

Prior to this date, if withdrawing from the event NZ$25 of the entry fee will be retained. Entries can only be withdrawn if notice is received in writing before 5:00pm September 8,2017.

Written notice should be emailed to mjonsson@mtruapehu.com

Additional BBQ Tickets, Donations and Transfers are non-refundable.


The transfer window opens at 5:00pm September 15, 2017. All transfers must be notified in writing before 5:00pm, October 1, 2017
Written notice should be emailed to mjonsson@mtruapehu.com

Participants can formally transfer their entry to someone else within the same category entered.
Entries may be formally transferred upon the payment of a single NZ$25.00 transfer fee.
Entries transferred without permission of the organisers will be invalid and will lead to disqualification.



The difference in entry fees will not be refunded for those changing from a team entry to an individual entry, or by those changing from an open entry to a youth entry (if applicable).
The difference in entry fee will be payable by those changing from an individual entry to a team entry, and by those changing from a youth entry to an open entry.
Only one transfer per entry can be completed.
Transfers are only eligible for the current year of registration.