Compulsory Equipment & Safety


  • Helmets: these are compulsory for both the Snow and Bike Stages of the event. They must meet NZ Snow and Bike standards
  • Bike: road or mountain bike, it must be road worthy!
  • Skis or Snowboard: necessary for the snow stage
  • Running shoes: trails or flats are suitable for this downhill section
  • Outer wear: Appropriate ski/snowboard pants are compulsory for the Snow Stage; this includes a minimum of soft-shell jacket and full-length running tights. Full body cover is required.

The objective of this plan is to give a clear overview as to the consideration and planning for safety in regards to the Peak to Powderkeg Event.
The event is scheduled to start at 5 pm, thus ensuring that the mountain is closed to the public. The road will also be closed to both uphill and downhill traffic for the duration of the event, although be aware that vehicles may enter the road from various parking areas.

The ski/snowboard leg will start at the top of the High Noon Express (weather dependent) and will proceed to the base area. The course will be mapped to be the safest route on the day dependent on snow coverage. The entire race will start in separate waves several minutes from each other and will be Le Mans style run to break up each wave. Patrol will be at the Start to provide support for this leg to mitigate risk. Any incidents in this leg will be responded to by patrol as per normal ski area operating procedures.

The run leg will start from the Turoa Plaza in between Rentals and the Snowsports Sales Office and will finish at the 12.5 km point of the road. From the Car Park there will be a pilot vehicle to be in front of the competitors provided by Road Department. There will also be a Patroller in the pilot vehicle. This vehicle will go all the way from the Base Area to the Powderhorn in front of the first competitor.
There will also be a tail vehicle following the competitors, which will provide first aid from the Base Area to the Powderhorn. In this vehicle will be two Patrollers. Hazards that exist in this leg include possible grit along the road and rocky and slippery terrain from the Wintergarden if the run commences from the top of the Park Lane.

The cycle leg begins at the 12.5 km mark and continues all the way to Thames Street at the bottom of the mountain road. The pilot vehicle will remain at the front of the race for this leg as well. The road will remain closed to uphill & downhill traffic as mentioned but be aware for uncontrolled vehicles.
Hazards that exist are Rimu Hill, the Bridge, the Big Dipper (8km), 11 km Chain Bay & bellow 9 km chain bay; cones will mark any hazards including potholes, gravel, steep zones, sharp corners and any other reason for competitors to slow down; to negotiate these sections, cyclists will need to reduce speed.

There are essentially three transition areas and one finish area.
• The first transition area will be at the Base area, this is the ski to run transition (snow dependent) or the top of the Park Lane chair.
• The second transition is the 12.5 km Bay, this is the run to bike transition.
• The third transition is the grass on Thames St. opposite Powderkeg at the bottom of the mountain road. This is the end of the bike section, from which point the competitors will sprint across the designated street crossing, back towards the Powderhorn and to the finish area in the Powderhorn Plaza.

For disabled skiers competing in the event, additional support may be provided if requested. (I.e. download via Park Lane in instance of minimal snow.) 2nd Stage will commence at the base. They will also have personal road assistants for the run/bike sections.

There are a few hazards that competitors must consider:
• Spring time allows rocks to show through, all trails chosen are the safest possible route with the most snow coverage.
• There may be considerable amount of grit on the upper part of the road. This hazard exists prominently from the base to the 12.5 km mark (grit is also situated below this marker).
• A portion of off road run may exist. This will be rocky, slippery and strenuous.