Event Rules

  1. Team entries must include a minimum of one female and can be any age mix.
  2. All competitors must complete their registration and payment and collect their competitor numbers in person at Turoa Ski Area on event day at the time and place specified in the Snow Report from 6:30am. Failure to do so will result in the competitor(s) registration being pulled from the event.
  3. Each Individual Competitor/Team is required to have an assistant to retrieve all of the competitor/team’s gear from the transition areas. This is compulsory.
  4. There will be no refunds to non-use of entry and entry fees cannot be transferred to future events.
  5. All competitors clearly displaying their competitor number will receive one lift access in the designated time slot that will allow them access to the start after the normal lift operations have closed for public use. If Contingency Plan, Poor Snow Conditions is put in place, Runners and Competitor’s Assistants will be granted access to the appropriate Chair Lift(s).
  6. All competitors must have full body wear on during the snow stage. This includes a minimum of soft-shell jacket and full-length running tights. Those racing without proper Snowsports clothing do so at their own risk.
  7. Snowsport helmets with the appropriate safety rating/s are compulsory during the snow stage.
  8. Entrants must ski/board between the gates on the set course or a 3 minute time penalty per missed gate will be added to their final time.
  9. Entrants must give right of way to the downhill competitor as well as follow ALL aspects of the Snow Responsibility Code.
  10. All team members must be observed to ‘tag out’ their team mate in the transition zone before commencing the next stage.
  11. New Zealand road certified helmets are compulsory during the biking section.
  12. It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure that their bicycle and any other equipment used in the event are in roadworthy condition.
  13. Cyclists must obey New Zealand road rules
  14. Entrants must obey the road rules and, in particular, must stay to the left of the centre line unless otherwise noted by road safety signage/equipment. Even though the road will be closed to public use, entrants acknowledge that there is no guarantee that other members of the public will respect the road closure or obey the road rules.
  15. Entrants must comply with all directions of event officials, marshals and security personnel as well as all event signage.
  16. Ruapehu Alpine Lifts Ltd reserves the right to change the course on event day for snow, safety or weather considerations
  17. For safety reasons accompanying vehicles are not permitted on the course.
  18. It is each entrant’s responsibility to ensure that they have adequately prepared themselves physically for their selected section/s of the competition.
  19. The Peak to Powderkeg is an exciting and exhilarating event however; entrants agree that their first priority is the safety of themselves and others.
  20. Ruapehu Alpine Lifts Ltd and Powderhorn Leisure Ltd will not accept any liability for injury/fatality to any participant or damage / loss of property.
  21. All entrants are required to attend the competitors’ briefing on the day of the event.
  22. It is each entrant’s responsibility to be informed and read all information made available regarding the event.
  23. Each entrant will accept that all instructions, whether written or verbal, are clear and unambiguous.
  24. Any entrant who, in the opinion of the organisers, fails to comply with these event conditions may be disqualified from the event. No refund will be granted.
  25. Each leg of the event with have time restriction in place. Competitors failing to meet course cut off times will be retired at the discretion of race officials.
  26. It is strongly recommended to wear footwear at all times during the event and required for the ski, run and bike sections. Athletes choosing not to wear footwear at other times do so at their own risk..
  27. Bike dismounts with take placed in the designated area on the village green, Thames Street.  It is the competitors’ responsibility to safely position their bike.
  28. A competitors’ time will not be recorded until they empty the chosen vessel into their mouth and return the vessel to the judges’ table.

NZ snow safety code